GAUSS Ecogenerator

Electromagnetic GREEN Energy

Project to produce GREEN ENERGIES thinking about the future as an environmental correction and, without a doubt, promoting global energy change.

Universal Technology

We are facing a crucial moment, in which profitability begins to convince large energy corporations about the convenience of building clean power plants.

MAGLEV train

32 km between Shanghai and Pudong Airport, in 7 min and 32 seg. Based on the properties of levitation and electromagnetic propulsion.   

Magnetic Bearing

Optimal solution for a long-lasting life cycle, reducing the cost of energy and without using lubricants.

Magnetic Levitation

It is to create a repulsion between two magnets with enough power to overcome the force of gravity and maintain a suspended object.

    GAUSS Ecogenerator

    Inspired by the concepts of gravity, kinetics and magnetism, from our spatial environment, and applying levitation technology and electromagnetic propulsion.

      Invention developed after more than 30 years of research in R + D + I.
       Our eco-generators produce 
    GREEN ENERGY and they do not consume fossil residues.

    Its applications are very diverse such us:

    >> Electric Supply for Cities, Industrial Areas, Buildings, Domicile, etc.
    >> Transportation as boats, trains, trucks, cars and others.

    Without specifying any external load limit, or causing any environmental impact.

    Initial PROTOTYPE

    (year 2014)

    Autonomous Electromagnetic Ecogenerator

    (35 Kw/h)